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NMPHI serves as the leading health related, ethnic-based organization directly serving the needs of the immigrant and refugee youth and their families. We educate and empower Mainers to overcome social and health challenges.

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Educational Opportunities

In addition to our community workshops around public health issues and local health resources, NMPHI also introduces new Mainers to educational and career opportunities. Above, a guest professor tells Lewiston residents about the Physicians Assistant program at the University of New England.

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Youth Empowerment

While most of our work focuses on promoting better health within new Mainer communities, our initiatives also strive to create a stronger sense of community, to facilitate communication and cultural exchange, and to promote youth empowerment among younger new Mainers seeking educational and career opportunities.

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Health Literacy

Our health workshops, classes, and outreach programs help to reduce health inequities in key health issues such as diabetes, missed immunizations, and vitamin D deficiencies. And while we

empower new Mainers to overcome barriers to good health, we also work with health care providers to increase knowledge about the immigrant community.

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Are you looking for health care, housing, or social resources?

We can help.

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Engage • Inform • Educate • Empower • Advocate

Address: 276 Lisbon St, Lewiston, Maine 04240

Phone: (207) 241-0546



We empower, inform, and educate new Mainers about preventive health measures through the promotion of healthy habits by developing the capacity to mobilize community partnerships in identifying and solving health problems in order to bridge the gap in health care service delivery and decrease health disparity.

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